Government Construction Services

Municipal and Government Construction That Meets Your Budget

Baker Constructors takes pride in delivering high-quality municipal construction that meets a variety of needs and represents high value to taxpayers. Our women-owned business has completed a long list of government contract jobs that run the gamut of public building types.

Experienced in All Types of Construction

With many years of government projects under our belts, Baker Constructors has the experience to tackle many different types of projects. Whatever your government construction project is, we will build it on time and on budget.

Our scope of completed government projects includes water treatment plants, public works buildings, schools, town halls, fire stations, police stations, general municipal buildings, correctional facilities, courthouses, museums, and much more.


Government Project Management

Construction businesses must be well-versed in government agencies' requirements to adequately complete the requirements they set forth. Baker Constructors is your reliable resource for government public projects, and we have a full team of staff members who specialize in project management.

We will execute a plan for your construction projects that include a plan for contract execution, budget details, and your baseline requirements for finishing your local, state, or federal government projects. Sound project management includes a design-build plan that details all of your government contract's many aspects from start to finish.

Our work includes coordinating schedules with subcontractors, suppliers, and other businesses qualified to work with government agencies on all levels. This hands-on approach to planning and construction places Baker Constructors in a position where we have been trusted to act as a partner for many different municipal, state and federal government construction projects.

Your Government Construction Specialists