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Baker Companies "6B"

Our 6B employees work on behalf of all our divisions. Accounting, Marketing, Safety Management, Tool and Truck Management, and Human Resources are just some of the amazing opportunities we offer at Baker!

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Baker Builders

Baker Builders is one of our orignal branches of our comapny. Our division focuses on in home remodeling ( Bathrooms, Kitchens, Basements, etc. ) as well as custom home building.

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Baker Concrete Solutions

Our concrete division is one of our fastest growing divisions. With three crews already in the field we are proving our strength in the industry. We offer every possible job from Superintendent to concrete finishing.

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Baker Constructors

Project Managers, Superintendents, General Contractor Estimators, Business development, and Preconstruction Managers. With Baker Constructors you can find a new passion in erecting buildings. As a general contractor you will get to travel and work with a wide variety of companies, tools, and crews.

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Baker Industrial Fabrication

Baker Industrial Fabrication is one of the hardest working divisions at Baker. Here we fabricate steel for our Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings. Welders, Fabricators, Project Managers, and Superintendents work in close relation everyday. The shop might just be the most fun division to be in!

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Baker Steel Erectors

Our steel erecting division works with both DFB and other contractors looking for a crew. The division while being associated with Baker has been known to be contracted out with other GC's looking for experienced, hardworking, men and women to erect the buildings that make Colorado so beautiful.

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