We just completed the Intec Corp. building project in Frederick, CO. This 33,750 square foot Pre-Engineered Metal Building has a large open warehouse space for the manufacturing of insulation equipment. The building also features 4,000 square feet of tenant finish office space. The tenant finish consists of office space, cabinetry, breakrooms, restrooms, a training facility and an electrical components room. Some significant features of this Varco Pruden building include a custom frame designed to maximize interior clearance for manufacturing space, a full length clerestory feature allows for natural day lighting, and a mixture of panel types and colors from stucco finish metal panel to multiple color options provides aesthetic appeal and meets city requirements on the interior and the landscaping. Baker Constructors earned a 2021 Varco Pruden Hall of Fame award in the Manufacturing category for this project! Check out the photos taken throughout this fun building process.