We recently completed this 27,075 square foot water treatment plant in Commerce City, CO. The general contractor on this project was Moltz Construction Inc. Baker Constructors provided the Varco Pruden pre-engineered metal building package which included all hot dip galvanized components, as well as the steel erection for this project. We closely coordinated sequences with the general contractor to erect the building in conjunction with other products and equipment needing to be installed on the project. We also coordinated the interior clearances and loading for equipment, platforms, cranes, and electrical component supports. This project was designed as four independent building shapes with expansion joints tying them all together. The interior floor space is fully utilized for operations including cat walks and mezzanines. There were multiple exterior panel types and colors used in order to give the building proper aesthetic appeal. Baker Constructors received a 2021 Varco Pruden Hall of Fame award for their work on this project! Check out the photos of the build process on this facility.